Who are we?

Joeri Van Liefferinge

Partner - Translator

Joeri holds a Master's degree in Translation and a postgraduate diploma in Marketing Management. He has worked as a financial translator since 2000. Drawing on this experience Joeri has for several years been lecturing in Financial Translation at the University of Ghent. He has previously taught at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Dries Herremans

Partner - Translator

Dries holds a degree in Business Translation. After his studies, he spent time in banking, where he developed financial knowledge and discovered the power of tailoring messages to their target audience. In 2020, he changed course to his first passion: translation. Since then, he's helped companies communicate clearly with their clients and professional partners.

Annick Cornelis

Partner - Management

Annick handles the day-to-day management of the business.

After several years of experience in administrative roles with Proximus and Baxter among others, she and Joeri set up financialtranslations.eu.

Her academic study of translation and her work experience have provided her with an unrivalled understanding of the translation sector.
Annick is the agency's administrative backbone.

one specialism

No translator and no translation agency can take on specialist texts of all kinds and still deliver top quality. If somebody says something different, they aren't being straight with you.

Finance, banking services, insurance, investment, KIIDs, PRIIPs, prospectuses and annual reports are highly specific topics, each with its own characteristics and terminology.

By focussing on a single sector which we really understand we can keep up with the latest developments and invest in the most suitable training. This is the only way to ensure that your financial translator is a specialist, someone as committed to the sector as you are. That is why we offer financial translations, and nothing else.

Our Services

Financial translations, and nothing else. Because you deserve our full attention.


Translation is our core activity. All translations are carried out by professional translators specialising in finance. Every translation is then reviewed by a second translator.
And of course we work only with native speakers of the target language: that is the only way to guarantee top quality work.


You can rely on us to expertly revise your texts. Changed something in your prospectus or brochure? We can implement the changes in the existing translation. A final check on the language of a document before it goes to the printer? We can cast a critical eye over the text to ensure a flawless end result.


Confidentiality is essential in the financial sector, so some organisations ask us to work with them on site, so that the information doesn't need to leave their control. No problem: we are happy to come to site for translation work, consultancy, project discussions or whatever else you need, even abroad if required.

Sworn translations

Where official documents like contracts or academic qualifications are concerned, a simple translation may not be enough. A sworn translation is an official, legally valid document, stamped and signed by the sworn translator. We will arrange for your translation to be authenticated by the Court.

Our values

We aim to be a fair and trustworthy partner with a deep understanding of the financial sector.


Unlike the majority of translation agencies we don't surround ourselves with a pool of thousands of translators, language combinations and areas of work. On the contrary.

We are financial specialists.

So we rely on the services of a small, trusted group of translators, native speakers of the target language with real expertise in the financial sector. Translators who know the difference between profit and turnover, between life insurance and accidental death insurance.


We can see in the news every day how sensitive financial information can be. We therefore provide an absolute guarantee of the confidentiality of all your documents.

We will comply strictly with your instructions and embargos, and your documents will never be stored in the cloud. With certain clients we translate their quarterly and annual reports on site, so that the information remains under their tight control.

So you can rely on us.
In all circumstances.

No empty promises.

We are confident of our abilities in our chosen field, we know what we can do and what we can't. So you can rely on us to make good on all our undertakings.

That also means that if we are unable to help you, we will say so. We will only accept your order if the appropriate specialist is available. In some cases we may propose a different deadline so that we can assist you after all.

Because there's just one thing that we find more important than quality, and that is honesty.

Personal contact

Good service is personal service. So we find personal contact essential in delivering service of the highest possible quality. And of course it makes everyone's life more pleasant.

So we don't have one of those "handy" but impersonal web platforms. No: if we want to talk over an agreement or ask questions about your project, we will telephone or email you. And because we see every client as a learning opportunity, we would very much welcome your feedback. This is essential in delivering service of the highest possible quality.

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